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《 谷歌被指控賣國事件背后:人工智能攸關美國國防安全》



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The counterfeit industry developed a keen eye on details and telling which model is legit or fake becomes more and more difficult.
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So remember: US pairs show the UPC code with 3 sizing categories, while European pairs use the EAN code and feature six sizing categories.
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Large-scale trend patterns show personality, and local paintings can add a lot of highlights to the details.
If you want to keep its original solid color body, the whole color is dyed into a favorite color. No matter how you design, you can show great results on these shoes.
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meaning that no-one (to my knowledge) has attempted to remake old shoes retrospectively. Of course back in the day lots of companies copied adidas and that’s because the copyright laws weren’t as strong as they are today, meaning that you could get shoes that looked like adidas models and had three stripes but they weren’t adidas.
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In a suit filed Monday, April 9 in Florida federal court, Adidas and Reebok say more than 50 online sellers are infringing on trademarks by “promoting, selling, offering for sale and distributing goods bearing counterfeits and confusingly similar imitations.”
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